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The Cancer Prevention Group (CPG) is led by Professor Peter Sasieni and is made up of three units, the Cancer Screening & Statistics Unit the Cancer Behavioural Science Unit and the Cancer Prevention Trials Unit (CPTU).

The three units bring together researchers, students, trial coordinators, epidemiologists, statisticians, behavioural scientists, database managers and our Patient and Public Involvement professionals.

We conduct research evaluating current approaches to screening, investigating potential new early detection technologies, and trialling practices to reduce the risk of cancer. We have a track record of research that has changed cancer screening guidelines and policy.

Current Projects


We are currently planning the BEST4 study which is a study to see if a new test, called a Cytosponge, can help pick up cancer of the food pipe (oesophagus) early. We hope at least 120,000 people across the UK will take part.

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